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Michael Haskell – Lead Consultant

From undergraduate, to postgraduate, to starting a career

After my History degree I wanted to do further research; this culminated in a Masters thesis followed by a (subsequently published) paper at a conference. At this point though, my career switched track and right at the start of the 90s I joined the British Steel IT Application Development department. Over the following years I steadily progressed through the programmer – analyst – project manager route and then on to the lower rungs of line management. Towards the end of that decade I then joined the Manweb/ScottishPower IT department working on the programme to implement a solution in response to the opening up of the energy markets in 1998, in the process moving my young family from the North East to the North West of England. I was part of, and then led, the team which implemented and supported the Debt Manager application which was one of the new solution elements. A few years after that, I moved to MBNA and led the team which implemented and supported a later iteration of the Debt Manager application for their unsecured loan product.

Seeing the world whilst working

With my decade-long exposure to the Debt Manager application under my belt, the company who owned the product, FICO, then asked me to join them in a Lead Consultant capacity. As my family were a bit older by now and could cope with longer absences, I took this exciting opportunity and in the following six years I travelled to some interesting places (Kiev, Bucharest, Moscow, Cairo, Madrid, Johannesburg, Lisbon, Singapore, Beirut to name but a few) and had some great experiences working for a variety of client organisations. And then came an opportunity to join Arum and be part of a small but growing company.

What I love about working at Arum

Most of my client engagements since then have been in the UK with major financial institutions and have tended to utilise my experience in a more hands on manner primarily in a project capacity. However there continues to be a good variety which helps to keep you on your toes and makes things interesting, engaging and challenging. It’s always good to meet new people and go to new places too. One of Arum’s strengths is that it seeks to foster a culture of positivity and professionalism and has put in place a number of initiatives and modus operandi mechanisms to keep these fresh and relevant. My own hope is to continue working with clients, adding value and helping them to achieve their goals.

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