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Times are challenging right now, especially for collections and recoveries teams who are facing significantly increased volumes. There's never been a better time to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your capabilities. 

We're offering our Collections and Recoveries Excellence Review with a 100% financial guarantee. If we don’t identify realisable benefits and savings of at least double our fees, then you don’t pay!


How does it work?

It's simple:

  1. You identify the areas you want to focus on (we can look at any or all of your: Technology / Digital; Strategy, Data & Analytics; Operational Delivery; Performance Management and Organisation).
  2. Our seasoned practitioners will spend around two weeks undertaking the review. They’ll look at the ‘as is’ and compare to peers as well as industry best practice.
  3. You'll receive a report with our observations and recommended improvement opportunities, as well as a roadmap to implementing these (which we can help with if needed).
  4. We'll come back six months later to review progress completely free of charge!

Why are we offering this 100% financially guaranteed?

We're confident that we will identify realisable benefits and savings that are more than double our fees, which is why we're willing to put all of our fees at risk! Why are we this confident?

  • We have over 20 years' experience transforming collections and recoveries functions. We’ve saved our clients hundreds of millions of pounds through reduced bad debt charges, increased automation and digital strategies, and online payments and efficiencies that have increased capacity and reduced collection costs.
  • We have worked in over 20 countries worldwide, across financial services, utilities, telco, public sector, and the wider debt market.
  • We are at the cutting edge of the latest trends and insights.
  • We have been in your shoes - the majority of our award-winning team has worked client side in senior collections and recoveries roles.
  • We don’t just provide advisory services - we can lead the delivery of our recommendations as an integral part of your team.
  • We're completely independent of all vendors, so you know our advice is 100% unbiased and in your best interests.

Contact us by 18 December for this 100% guaranteed offer

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